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Goals for the year 2009

This is my very first time to have and write a blog. I’ve been reading informative contents on the web, about photography, personality development, simple life and a lot more. And I’m very amazed with those bloggers with their creative skills in posting contents. I wish I could also blog the way they do. I also have a lot of things that come to my mind that I want to write. But as of the moment I would just want to start the year having a goal in life. Something that is beneficial to my development and to my family.

1. I want to have a blog (which of course this is it.), learn how to effectively post a creative content, and maintain it.

2. Have a simple life as much as possible. What is simple life would mean to me? Maybe having a not so lavish lifestyle.

3. Loose weight, fats in particular and have a physically fit and healthy body. Going to gym perhaps 3 to 4 times a weeks. I would take advantage of having a gym at work. Make a 15 minutes cardio and 45 minutes to 1 hour workout is enough.

4. Minimize eating meat as much as possible and more on vegetables, anyway I’ve been more on vegetables.  But this time I want it more vegetable and less meat on my plate.

5. Start my own business (with my wife, of course). We’ve been working for our internet cafe anyway. And hopefully we can open the business before end of January. We are just starting for 6 units because we don’t have enough cash but maybe on the second quarter of the year we can put additional units.

6. Learn more about photography, since I already bought a DLSR. It’s not my goal to be an expert with this field all that I want is to have enough knowledge so I can pass it to my kids. And they may be the one to master it someday.

7. Gain more knowledge about computer, in hardware and in software side. I’ve been a freelance computer technician to my friends and to my family. And I’ve been introduced to their friends as well.

I’m already expecting that it will not be an easy job for me to attain those goals. But with a possitive mind I will overcome the hard part that will come ahead.


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